Creative Ideas, Online Money

Want to get really creative in making online money? Well, some creative ideas do not only excite you but make earning online money fun.

Here are some creative ideas to make online money:

1. Gadget trends

Tech and gadgets are part of the same domain. You may include both on your portal or start with your niche products. If I would have to start, I would pick just one product or a range of products from a company. You can go for the expanded scope at a later stage.

You can make an exclusive news portal on Apple products only. Make sure to keep the quality so high that you become the first source of contact if I need any information about the iPhone, iPad, or MacBook.Help them choosing online what’s trending in the market.

2. Fashion trends 

This is a great opportunity for all young people who are fascinated by the latest trends in the fashion market. When we say fashion, the first impression that comes to our mind is western fashion.

You can get the same success even if you are interested in Indian fashion trends. Sarees and kurtas are the all-time favourites of Indian women. Help them choosing online what’s trending in the market.

3. Help in accounting

You don’t have to be a CA or legal financial advisor to help people with accounting — a finance or commerce degree will suffice. There are multiple ways of helping people with managing their accounts.

You can help frugal startups manage their accounts. You can easily find your initial clients if you are willing to work hard. You can get partnerships with CAs to complete the tax filing work.

4. Help students clear finance exams

If you are seriously interested in starting your online business, you can find more ideas than I can think up for you. The easiest way to start something online is by sharing your knowledge. If you have studied anything in the finance field, you can start helping students in clearing their finance exams.

Mathematics and finance are considered tough subjects to crack, and you can find your opportunity where people falter.

5 Home remedies blog

We tried the topic on the parenting segment and it went viral. People love to use home remedies for common diseases. You can start writing if you avoid using medicines for common diseases.

6. Adventurous trip ideas and planning

I never went on an adventurous trip because I love to sit in one place and enjoy the vacation. If you love adventures, then start sharing on your blog.

We were not sure if we would be able to drive 6,000 km because we were travelling with a four-year-old baby. We have a lot of things to share with travellers like us but we don’t have time. The opportunity is open to you.

7. Provide excellent customer service.

Answer any questions buyers post as quickly as possible. Be professional and courteous. Positive communication builds your reputation with buyers and gets you to return business.

Also, package your product well and ship it out quickly. Allowing an item to become damaged or taking too long to ship can negatively affect your reputation among buyers. Wrap all items, especially fragile ones, in appropriate packaging. Commit to shipping items as soon as you receive payment.

8. Research selling prices of items similar to yours.

Look up completed sales or current listings of items similar to yours. Find the high-end/low-end prices, and price your object around the median price level. If you want your item to sell quickly, price it at the low end. The condition of the item also affects the price. Items in poorer condition should be priced at the lower end.

Also, consider how many listings there already are of items similar to yours. If many similar items will be competing with yours, you may have to set the price lower to get the sale.

9. Find items to sell.

Purge your house. Set aside a few days or a weekend to clean out and declutter your house. Identify items to throw away, donate and sell. Categorize the items you want to sell. Different categories of items do better on different sites. You can also go out and buy items for selling online at a markup.

  • Books, CD’s and DVD’s sell well on Amazon.
  • Collectibles, high-end clothing and small electronics sell well on eBay.
  • Craigslist is best for generic items such as tools or toys.

Enjoyed making online money using these creative ideas? Well, look for more ideas from below!

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