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Getting information and online ideas off the Internet is like taking a drink from a fire hydrant. If these ideas help you make money, it is really productive to continue taking such Ideas.

Well, here are a few Easy Online Ideas to help you make money:

1.Templates And Web Designs

If you’re creative, but you prefer to keep your designs to a more web-based format, like WordPress themes, site designs, and fonts, there’s still a huge market for you.

For example, this Avada theme on Theme Forest has managed to generate over $8.5 million dollars in revenue (and counting).

Now, I’m not suggesting you’ll see the same millionaire results, but with over 22.8 billion pages being read on WordPress a month, that’s a lot of sites that are going to need what you can create.

2. Advice And Questions

Agony Aunts (and Uncles, don’t worry fellas) aren’t only found in the back of the newspapers. In fact, there are people who will pay you to give advice and answer questions all across the internet.

It could be giving advice to someone struggling with a relationship, answering text questions about who played Han Solo in Star Wars or just helping someone out on a forum. If you’ve got the knowledge, you could be making money from it.
By working at one of these sites, you can aim to earn between $0.25 c to $25 per answer, depending on your level of expertise and the demand for answers.

3. Fake Client and Buyer Scams

If you’re looking to get into Freelancing you need to pay attention to people who pose as clients. They’ll often send poorly worded emails that look like the one below and ask odd questions, like if you accept credit cards or bitcoin payments.

You may also find that they ask you to take on work for a percentage of their profits when the business finally goes ‘live.’ If you see this, I’d cease communications altogether. While they may seem genuine, there is a good chance that they aren’t.

For most sites you’ll be covered for this, so you won’t have to worry if you’re using a large site like eBay or Amazon. However, do be careful if you’re using one of these sites and people ask you to sell outside of the site. For example, they ask to buy your item at a higher (or reduced) rate outside of the site. There is a good chance you’re being targeted for a scam, and I’d recommend walking away.

4. Write academic papers

There are lots of people, from middle school students to people working on their doctorate, who have more work than they can handle. You can get paid to do it for them! Writing other people’s school papers can be a great way to make money if you’re a good writer and willing to learn lots of different subjects. There are many companies that provide this service for which you can work if this is what you want to do. It’s technically legal for you, though less legal for your customers. If you’re okay with that, then go right ahead.

5. Become a software engineer.

This is a job where you will be required to make entirely new (or fix or overhaul existing) pieces of software for companies or individuals. This requires quite a bit of skill and training, but if you’re the kind of guy or gal that prefers working in your pajamas and not dealing with coworkers, it’s great.

6. Make Money Blogging (One of the Best Online Ideas)

If you want to make big money say above $1000 then blogging is the only simple, safe method that you can start. I have dozens of blogs including MoneyConnexion that give me 7 figure yearly income. Although it may take some time initially, but trust me once you are an expert, there will be nothing like blogging that can give you time freedom and huge income both.

A blog is nothing but a website where you write about your favorite topic on regular basis. You use some marketing techniques like SEO to get the traffic on your blog. As traffic starts coming, you can monetize your blog with Google AdSense program or affiliate. Passion for blogging and a hobby is a must.

7. WordPress Plugins

There are companies who want to hire or outsource their website designing task to people who know to work with WordPress theme and plugins. You also add some code to it and deliver the website to your clients.

8. Sell Photos Online

Do you know your mobile camera can earn you good cash? Yes, if you a good photographer who can capture quality photos through your mobile camera or professional cameras then there are sites who are ready to pay you money for your photos.

You can upload your photos on such photo sharing sites & earn money whenever someone buys your photo.

Liked these online ideas? Read a few more from below!


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