Start earning

Through the warehouse you can start earning three ways. You can buy / sell domains, you can become an affiliate, or you can create websites that generate revenue.

To earn as an affiliate, you need to sign up for your affiliate program. Once you sign up, you can see customers in GoDaddy for commissioning. This is more beneficial for those who do web design or related things because they can refer to their customers for additional revenue.

To earn a domain with buying and selling, it’s like real estate. You try and expect what will become desirable and then buy it. You sit on it for a while, if you correctly assume that the price increases and you can sell it. You can remove your prediction from trending keywords, increasing nickes, and the more you buy the domain, the more you can eliminate the possibility of ending with someone. The trick for a valuable domain is that it is small, is a popular / desired keyword, not the name of the current business.

Start earning

There are many different ways to earn revenue with the creation of websites to generate revenue. If you are good at web design and have a thorough understanding of online marketing and advertising, then you are known as ‘Turn’s Websites’. Create sites that are full of affiliate links or integrate with Amazon Affiliate API or something, then sell that website as a business opp. “$ 500 and you can start your own successful Amazon affiliate site! Just enter your Amazon Affiliate ID, select your keywords and start earning! Buy low-cost ads, boost your site, increase traffic And comes up with a free ebook guide to maximize your revenue! “.

Another way is to create specific websites, sites are targeted at a specific place that receives decent amount of traffic and has less competition. Create an attractive website, update it regularly with new relevant content, integrate ads and start earning.

You can use the site to make the store, blogs about your favorite topics, etc.


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